Mobility Intelligence, Telecom Expense Management, Monitoring & Analytics

The ability to aggregate and measure mobility performance is crucial to the success of every device deployment, regardless of scope. Without insight into statistics, such as the location and configuration of mobile assets, the stability of your mobile environment, and helpdesk incidents, your organization won’t be able to assess areas for improvement or future investment accurately. As our dependence on mobile devices expands, the volume of mobility performance data that your organization needs to track will surely increase.

Measure what matters most

In tandem with implementing management tools to monitor and safeguard your mobile assets, your organization also needs to choose which metrics matter most in meeting your business objectives. Given the number of stakeholders and technologies involved, identifying performance targets can be a challenge on its own, let alone in combination with defining structures for analyzing and reporting on the data you collect. Honeywell Enterprise Mobility can apply in-depth practice knowledge gained from deployments across every major industry to help you benchmark and track performance over time.

Boost control with global telecom expense management

Visibility into device usage and spend patterns is increasingly important, especially in light of what industry analysts continue to emphasize: Up to 80 percent of enterprise telecom bills contain errors. By streamlining procurement and fulfillment processes, optimizing monthly mobile expenses, and tracking inventory through our cloud-based global telecom expense management (TEM) offering, Honeywell Enterprise Mobility can help you save $10 to $15 per device per month. You can also use TEM to standardize mobility deployments across multiple geographies, making it easier to identify areas for savings while enabling more robust policy enforcement.

Find out what you can save

Honeywell Enterprise Mobility has saved companies tens of millions of dollars with our TEM solution. Find out what we can do for your company: Request a free savings analysis.