Enterprise Mobility Deployment

Tighter budgets and the increasing pace of modern business have put pressure on IT organizations to accelerate companywide technology deployments. Beyond the inherent challenges of onboarding any new technology, expectations around the speed of wireless device deployments may grow even greater as companies jockey to get ahead of the mobility curve. Add to the mix the complexity of bring your own device (BYOD), increasing fragmentation in the device market, and evolving security best practices—just to name a few—and it’s easy to see why many IT leaders feel overwhelmed.

Accelerate time to implementation and reduce risk

Even if mobilizing your business is a top priority, is it possible for your company to pull IT resources away from other mission-critical projects to get your mobility initiative up and running? By transitioning these activities to an experienced mobility-as-a-service provider, you can put mobile devices into the hands of your remote workers faster and streamline mobility management for the future. You can also minimize risks by freeing up your IT staff to assist and advise on deployment activities while still supporting the day-to-day technology needs of your business.

Gain a competitive edge

Honeywell Enterprise Mobility delivers a full range of planning, deployment, support, and management services to help you make the most of your mobility implementation. By combining our end-to-end consulting expertise with our global fulfillment capabilities, we can help your company turn mobility into a reality today—no matter where you do business.

Mobile Device Depot

Everyone knows that accidents happen—it’s a reality of the new world of technology. That’s why Honeywell Enterprise Mobility provides sophisticated depot services for your mobility needs. If a device is dropped or broken, we’ll be there to help you get a replacement. We can even make that happen overnight, because you shouldn’t lose productivity due to a nonfunctioning device.

Reduce downtime and improve efficiency

Our mobile device depot covers an array of services for new and existing customers, including overnight device replacement, damage or loss, device inspection, and warranty management. With our centralized inventory pool, Honeywell Enterprise Mobility can provide the widest variety of inventory choice and flexibility at a low equipment cost. And when your devices reach the end of their usable lives, we’ll take care of them: We cover device recycling in addition to warranty management and repairs.