Enterprise Mobile Supports Companies with Remote Monitoring of Mobile Devices

From handheld bar code scanners to smart phones, companies deploying mobile devices to employees (or allowing them to use personal devices on corporate networks) face myriad challenges in ensuring proper use and help-desk level support. With the broad variety of device and operating systems on the market, overtaxed IT departments simply cannot become experts on all of them, says Jay Gordon, vice president of Enterprise Mobile sales for Honeywell Scanning & Mobility.

“Today’s companies want help from third-party experts to drive a world-class support experience for end-users around the clock,” he says, noting particular interest from retailers as well as transportation and logistics organizations. “Remote monitoring of devices offers customers a way to identify and resolve mobility related issues without having physical possession of a mobile device. This reduces end-user downtime, shipping costs and processing time.”

Gordon notes that, as an evolving service, remote monitoring of devices is still limited to certain operating systems and often requires an additional investment in software to enable these feature types. However, it can help users manage routine software updates and administration, as well as troubleshooting.

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